An eccentric and eclectic home requires lighting that captures this essence and plays on this theme. This space, home to one of our favourite clients, is a collector’s dream. The Lights Lights Lights family created a lighting design to highlight this collection and chose fittings that felt very much at home in this space.

Architectural products such as the Scope recessed spotlight, MX track lighting system and Slight wall light make the space feel more like a gallery, highlighting key and beautiful pieces throughout the home. In the kitchen, Gras 213 wall lights are a fun and alternative way to lighting a kitchen island while still providing enough functional light in the space to cook up a storm. Other decorative pieces like the Potence Pivotante wall light and Illusion table lamp only add to the wonder of this home.

Photography: Supplied by client


Products used: Scope recessed spotlight, MX track lighting system, Kobe trackhead, Slight wall light, Illusion table lamp (discontinued), Gras 213 wall light, Potence Pivotante wall light, Akira 900mm ceiling light, Gras 222 wall light, Kinetic surface mounted downlight.