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If the universe brought you to this page, there is every chance you have opened the path to a new beginning. You see, our family are big believers that the universe has a plan for us all and when the LLL stars align… MAGIC HAPPENS.

Want a little insight in to life at Lights Lights Lights? Most days start with morning mediations and the scent of Palo Santo, whilst the rest is filled with diversity, courage, big belly laughs, coffee (lots), and food (the kind that rivals Michelin star restaurants). The rituals of life here are embedded in our culture, but the truth is our design studio is where the real magic happens. It’s where collaboration and learning combine to breathe light into us and all those that cross our path. We hold space for our people to live and to work from their heart and we honour the individuality in every piece of our puzzle.

Does this sound like home? If ‘MAMMAMIA YES’ it’s your first reaction, then warm up your words and send us a compelling story of your life and the reasons why the stars aligned to bring you here, to this moment in time, with us. What do you love to do? How would your slice of life fit in to our puzzle? What can we do for you?

You can apply by sending us an email at and our family will keep your words safe, while destiny does the rest.