The Thomas Archer Style Studio is a space designed to inspire and delight. Built exclusively for clients of Thomas Archer to showcase their designer inclusions and introduce those who walk though its doors to a world of possibilities, made possible by the Thomas Archer family. The Lights Lights Lights family had the privilege in creating a lighting design that would not only showcase everything that team TA has to offer, but to allow flexibility as their brand evolves over the years.

As you enter, you are greeted by our Molecola pendant at reception. We ask that you please take a seat next to Potence Pivotante as you wait for your Senior Interior Stylist to take you through. As you wander through the Style Studio, pods situated in the middle of the showroom showcase real life examples of cabinetry, tapware, every possible thing you would ever need and want in your home. Highlighted by Kobe trackheads, the targeted directional light illuminates these stunning finishes.

As you make your way further in, LX surface mounted profiles and surface mounted downlights illuminate your path in a seamless transition of light, the beautiful brass of our Etoile pendants catch your eye for a moment alongside the endless wall of finishes. The pièce de resistance however awaits you in the kitchen, where Acrobates 323 pendants placed atop the dining table creates a beautiful focal point that fits in so effortlessly with the rest of the space. You sit beneath them, and admire the kitchen island opposite you, illuminated by Switch downlights and Titanium surface mounted downlights, providing enough functional lighting to make cooking a breeze.

Once you’re ready to start talking the finer details, make your way to the meeting rooms where our Muro Uplighters create a glare free space for you to talk about your build. As you leave, you realise the Thomas Archer Style Studio is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Studio Concept: Made For
Aimee Tarulli
Builder: Thomas Archer
PhotographyClare Martin Lapworth, James Geer

Products used: Titanium surface mounted downlight, Switch downlight, MX track lighting system, Kobe trackhead, LX surface mounted profile, Acrobates 323 with XL glass ball pendant, Molecola 1 light large pendant, Muro uplighter, Shift Out downlight, Etoile 1 light pendant, Potence Pivotante wall light, Dot Line pendant.