The Foodary

Not your average service station, ‘The Foodary’ in Altona North brings the humble rest stop to life with its ‘home away from home’ design. Lights Lights Lights worked together with duo Alisa and Lysandra to create a modern and inviting space for motorists to relax and refuel.

The dining area is designed to be an open and airy space, incorporating lots of natural light. The custom made Dina pendants create a decorative point of interest and add a luxurious touch, but keep within this open concept by not obstructing any natural light. The minimal design of the Kobe Trackhead, track lighting system and Titanium downlights used throughout also continue this theme.

The Axis Surface Mounted Downlight above the vanity and LED strip lighting behind the mirrors are simple in their execution, but help to create a functional space that doesn’t detract from the beautiful features of the bathroom.

Design – Alisa and Lysandra