A home builder building their own home is like a kid in a candy store…the possibilities are endless! The Lights Lights Lights teamed up with the Mazzei homes family alongside other wonderful humans and created the dream home that at the end of the day has the boss’ seal of approval!

Feature pendant lighting such as the Acrobates 323 pendants over the dining table and Dot Atomium pendant in the study create beautiful talking points that are visually stunning yet work with the light tones and architecture of the home. Track lighting over the extra-long kitchen island allows for flexibility of lighting in the space and creates targeted points of light, perfect for cutting your carrots of an evening. This idea of flexible lighting is carried through the house with the use of Axis surface mounted downlights with navigated washes of light highlighting priceless possessions or artwork. As the family evolves, so too does their lighting.

This home is a beautiful example of how team work really does make the dream work.

Builder: Mazzei Homes
Styling: Simone Haag
Architecture: Catt Architects
Interiors: Catherine Francis Interiors
Photography: Elisa Watson


Products used: Dot Atomium pendant, Lucciola 18cm wall light, Axis surface mounted downlights, Acrobates 323 with XL glass ball pendant, MX track lighting system, Axis trackhead, Altair wall light.