Albert Park

As part of their ‘The Design Duo’ series, sisters Alisa and Lysandra sought to renovate this 1890’s Victorian terrace and bring her back to her former glory. Filled with history and charm, the Lights Lights Lights family set out to bring the girls’ vision to life and once again light up this old beauty.

LED strip lighting features predominately in the basement, wardrobes and cabinetry – offering a gentle glow that beautifully highlights treasured possessions. Muro uplighters, Shift Out downlights and Marc wall lights in the main living/kitchen area help to illuminate the space and complement the aesthetic without detracting from the beauty of the build. An Orbit step light in the bathroom and Verona inground uplights in the staircase provides functional lighting with a minimal footprint but big impact. Moving outside, the Onyx adjustable spotlights are a perfect solution when the sun has set over St Kilda beach, but your evening has only just begun.

With a home like this, it’s easy to see why these girls are one of our favourite ‘Design Duos’.

Design: Alisa and Lysandra
Photography: Lights Lights Lights


Products used: Muro uplight, LED strip lighting, Orbit step light, Verona inground uplight, Shift Out downlight, Marc wall light, Onyx spotlight.