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Meet the maker Kerrie Mould. Kerrie is the designer and creator behind the new luminaire collaboration between Ode to Elma and Lights Lights Lights.

We asked Kerrie a few questions surrounding the inception of her unique sustainable business and what ultimately inspires and influences her when approaching design.

LLL – Who is Kerrie Mould?

“I have always had a love of making things, and being quite a tactile person, am always seeking a creative outlet. I am a Melbourne-based designer originally from New Zealand. After travelling abroad for a number of years, and completing a fashion design degree, I moved to Melbourne to work in the fashion industry. Seven years later, and Melbourne has very much become home. I realised however, the fashion industry wasn’t quite for me and I began exploring other creative avenues.”

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LLL – Tell us about the evolution of Ode to Elma?

“Ode to Elma evolved out of an interest and love of making things and repurposing. I have always altered clothes and found different uses for used objects, and it was essential to me to incorporate this into my design philosophy. I wanted to design quality products that were both functional and stylish, but also mindful of the environment. In today’s consumer society there is such a desire to have the latest product and keep up with the latest trends, we have not only lost sight of what is important but also created a huge environmental problem for ourselves.

Rather than create more products to add to the growing problem, I wanted to do my part and create “new” products out of already existing material. Hence Ode to Elma was born. Elma was my grandmother’s name and the name Ode to Elma is a throwback to the era when people reused, mended and fixed things.”




LLL – How do you source the sustainable materials for the luminaires?

“It is very important to me that my luminaires are made as sustainably as possible. Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of my work. Every piece is individually handcrafted from recycled office paper that I source from a multitude of places. I break the paper down and turn it into a pulp to enable me to work with it and mould it over various forms. The cords and fittings are sourced as locally as possible and all packaging is recycled.”




LLL – Tell us about your design influences?

” I am very much influenced by everyday things around me, and the notion of reusing and repurposing inspires my designs. Being able to take something that is often deemed ordinary and therefore overlooked, an object or raw material, and rework it to create an entirely new product. There is also a simplicity and minimalism which run through my designs: they are quite stripped back, yet functional – I am definitely of the mindset that ‘less is more’. I am also influenced by the texture of a material. The texture and feel of the fabric was very important to me while in fashion design and guided my choices and design approaches. This interest in texture continues to influence my designs. Texture adds interest to design simplicity and creates an almost organic feel to the product.”

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ode to elma - lights lights lights - ARI

LLL – What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

“Being able to do something I can truly say I love and am passionate about. It allows me to challenge people’s ideas and preconceptions about repurposing and demonstrate that you can turn ordinary everyday items into beautiful, functional and quality design. I love taking an idea from conception to realisation and seeing all the elements come together to form the finished product that you had envisioned.”

ode to elma - kerrie mould - lights lights lights

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For more information about the new ‘Ode to Elma’ collection please contact us on (03) 9372 8541 or via email info@lightslightslights.com.au.