The Block Glasshouse was one of the biggest renovations ever undertaken on the Reality TV Series and this year LLL were blessed to work with the amazing Max & Karstan as well help out Chris & Jenna along the way. Scroll through below to see what we used as featured in The Block Magazine.

Max & Karstan – Apartment 3

Main Bathroom – Salta Pendant | Master Bedroom – Pop Cluster in Black | Kitchen – Kurvi Pendant

Dining – Cintemani Pendant | Living Room – Edge Pendant | Master Enuite – Unika Pendant

Max_Karstan_Couple3_Page_1 Max_Karstan_Couple3_Page_2 Max_Karstan_Couple3_Page_3 Max_Karstan_Couple3_Page_4 Max_Karstan_Couple3_Page_5 Max_Karstan_Couple3_Page_6 Max_Karstan_Couple3_Page_7

Chris & Jenna – Apartment 2

Kitchen – Cage Pendant

Chris_jenna_Couple_Page_1 Chris_jenna_Couple_Page_3 Chris_jenna_Couple_Page_4 Chris_jenna_Couple_Page_7